Powerful Learning with Nate, the Science Podcaster

Wilmette, IL.

Meet Nate/ Nate is a second grader and has a successful and fun podcast about science called, The Show About Science. After watching his father make podcasts, he wanted to make one about science. He wanted to produce a show that explores different exciting concepts in science and make them accessible for kids and families.

Nate uses the internet to learn about the concepts. He listens to a variety of science podcasts and watches many YouTube videos over and over again to better understand the concepts and better explain it in his shows. Usually, Nate invites science leaders and experts to dig deeper about the wonders of the world.

For Nate, powerful learning is the journey from identifying a concept he wants to learn more about, researching it via podcasts and YouTube videos, inviting experts to explain and simplify, and finally— share the story with the world. Last year, Nate received a letter from President Barak Obama for his show.

Check him out. Listen to his show on the way to work or dropping the kids off at school. I promise you will be much more informed about how the world works.

Thank you Digital Promise for trusting us to capture Nate’s story!