Powerful Learning: DIY Girls

San Fernando, CA.

Meet Paola. Paola is a student in San Fernando, CA who is a part of a Latina engineering team that works at challenges and solving problems for issues that immediately affect them. Paola and the DIY GIRLS entered a challenge competition to solve a community problem last year through MIT. They used their own reality to help them build the necessary ownership for an issue that was a part of their daily lives— homelessness. Using a challenge based learning approach— the DIY girls went on a powerful learning journey to find a solution to homelessness in the Northeast San Fernando Valley. With the help of smart, why, what if, and how questions, the DIY Girls not only created a smart solution with a solar powered portable tent, but, won the national competition along the way.

Paola and her team didn’t have the needed background, the tools, or local experts to help them build their solutions, but because of their connectedness— they found leads, answers, new questions, additional resources, tools, and experts who helped them create their successful tent.

They’re so empowered because of this project. They challenge schools to lean on students to help identify challenges, solve them, and now— tell the world the story of their lessons learned.

Thank you Digital Promise for trusting us to capture the amazing story of these young ladies.