Challenge Based Learning at Windward – Anti-Fracking Water Filter

Take a glance at what Challenge Based Learning  looks like at Windward School in Culver City, California. Phoebe and her classmates wanted to better the community drinking water by designing, creating, and distributing an anti-fracking water filter! . . . . Challenge Based [...]

50th Annual California Student Media Festival

Now in its 50th year, the California Student Media Festival is our nation’s oldest student media festival. Over the past twenty years, the California Student Media Festival has awarded more than $140,000 to California Schools. It has expanded to include the work of [...]

One Generation

ONEgeneration is committed to intergenerational (adult daycare and childcare in a shared setting) services and programs that intertwine human needs for both giving and receiving in meaningful, daily contact. This philosophy has become our guiding value, as well as what is unique and [...]


NCLR’s Cultura, Aprendizaje, Servicio, Accíon (CASA) program incorporates a culturally relevant and linguistically responsive perspective to their Latino-focused projects.  The CASA service-learning model recognizes the importance of grounding service and learning opportunities in students’ backgrounds, culture and values.    We worked with two [...]

Youth Policy Institute (YPI)

The Youth Policy Institute (YPI) provides education, training and technology services to lift families out of poverty. Since 2001, they’ve accomplished this by serving families in Los Angeles at 125 program sites throughout the city. As part of their fundraising efforts, YPI hosted [...]