Tai-Kadai Kitchen

We created these TV commercials for Tai-Kadai Kitchen, a restaurant in the San Gabriel Valley that specializes in Southeast Asian Cuisine. If you're in the San Gabriel Valley, keep an eye out and you'll see them airing.

ALAS Media Featured in ¡Adelante Sí! Magazine

Last year we joined the Los Angeles Latino Chamber of Commerce, www.alcc.org. Through their procurement help, we've gotten our certifications in place to bid on government projects. A big thank you to Karla Martinez who helped us through the process. We're excited about the [...]

NCLR Escalera

NCLR Escalera is a national program that helps students explore career paths, prepare for college, and develop leadership and technology skills. With sites across they U.S., this program helps first generation students navigate their way to and through college. Learn more about Escalera [...]

Indiegogo Campaign for akcpt. Designs that Make a Difference.

We created a crowdfunding video for akcpt, a fashion company created by designer Vincent Libretti from Project Runway Season 3 whose mission is to build bright futures for teens who come from broken situations and were never told they can make a difference. Check out the [...]

Challenge Based Learning at Windward – Anti-Fracking Water Filter

Take a glance at what Challenge Based Learning  looks like at Windward School in Culver City, California. Phoebe and her classmates wanted to better the community drinking water by designing, creating, and distributing an anti-fracking water filter! . . . . Challenge Based [...]

YourDeckBuilder.com Commercial

YourDeckBuilder.com is a Los Angeles County General Contracting company specializing in Decks, Fences, Gazebos, Pergolas, Trellises, Arbors, Gates, Carports, and other exterior structures. We use wood and composite materials such as Redwood, Timbersil, Ipe, Mangaris, Trex, ChoiceDek Veranda as well as others. We [...]


https://vimeo.com/178258308 Emerge is developing the next form of digital communication. Currently, we can only communicate via voice and sight when we are not physically present. Emerge is taking long distance communication to a new sense: touch. | Make in LA helps startups avoid [...]

2016 Healthy San Fernando 5k Relay, Walk & Run Commercial

https://vimeo.com/175249522 Join us on October 8th, 2016, for the 2016 Providence Holy Cross Healthy San Fernando 5K Relay Walk or Run. Register today at healthysanfernando.com or call 818-898-1290 for more information.

Challenge Based Learning at Windward // 3D Printed Inhaler Cap // Los Angeles, CA // Case Study // ALAS Media

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YcWLorb-Gg Take a glance at what Challenge Based Learning looks like at Windward School in Culver City, California. Jasper and his classmates found a way to put his love for engineering, design and 3D printing to use to better his community and the [...]

Challenge Based Learning at Windward // Case Study // Los Angeles, CA Production Company // ALAS Media

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3Ppv2UqtYo Take a glance at what Challenge Based Learning looks like at Windward School in Culver City, California. . . . . Challenge Based Learning (CBL) provides an efficient and effective framework for learning while solving real-world Challenges. The framework is collaborative and [...]